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The emerald

Panna Stone

The emerald has been a gem of fascination in many cultures for over six thousand years. It is so prized, that carat for carat, a fine emerald may be two to three times as valuable as a diamond. According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as “marakata,” meaning “the green of growing things.” The name we know it as now is believed to come from an ancient Persian word, translated to Latin as “smaragdus,” and eventually over time, corrupted to “emerald.” Records show that the stone was known and sold in markets in Babylon as early as 4000 BC. It is a stone that was worshiped by the Incas and mentioned in biblical information about the apocalypse. The earliest reference to emeralds in Western literature come from Aristotle. He was a great fan of the gemstone and wrote that owning an emerald increases the owner’s importance in presence and speech during business, gives victory in trials, helps settle litigation, and comforts and soothes eyesight. He also stated “An emerald hung from the neck or worn in a ring will prevent the falling sickness (epilepsy). We, therefore, commend noblemen that it be hanged about the necks of their children that they fall not into this complaint.”

Many cultures throughout time have believed the emerald to be an enormously powerful stone in different ways. The Chaldeans believed the stone contained a goddess. And in the Islamic faith, an amulet of an emerald might be engraved with a verse from the Koran. The ancient Egyptians believed the emerald stood for fertility and rebirth. In Ancient Rome, Nero supposedly watched gladiator fights through a large transparent emerald as he found the color to be calming. In some legends of King Arthur, the Holy Grail is described as being fashioned from an emerald. In China, Thursday was the day for wearing green and emeralds for good luck. However, various countries in the East and West varied in opinion on which day the emerald would bring good luck. The Romans once considered light-colored Emeralds to be unripe, and believed that an Emerald becomes a darker shade of green as it matures.

There have been many beliefs that the emerald brings goodness into one’s life. The Roman magician Damigeron stated in the second century BC that an emerald “influences every kind of business, and if you remain chaste while you wear it, it adds substance to both the body and the speech.” The second century Mahabharata also commended the stone. The emerald has always been seen as a symbol of fidelity. During the Middle Ages it was believed that it would keep a woman chaste. Not surprisingly, the same was not believed to be true for a man. In various languages, it was also stated that emeralds enable people to foretell future events if put on the tongue or worn on the left side of the body. Emeralds were also believed to reveal what was true or false and was said to be a sure antidote for enchantments and spells. They were also to give eloquence in speech and make people more intelligent and honest. It is believed that emeralds contain the energy that is necessary to bring creative form to your work. And it was once believed that a high quality emerald would change hues to alert the wearer to impending danger. They also help one express love, devotion, and adoration.

It was known that Emerald was a favorite gem of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, and the Emerald mine in Upper Egypt, rediscovered a hundred years ago near the Red Sea, was one of the earliest Emerald occurrences in the human history. Emeralds also adorned Russian crown jewels. The Irani State Treasure contains an exquisite collection of Emeralds, as well as the Emerald tiara of ex-Empress Farah. Shah Jahan, one of the moguls of India that built the Taj Mahal, loved Emeralds so much that he had sacred texts inscribed into them and used these gemstones as talismans. The ancient writings of Veda, the sacred text of Hinduism, testifies to Emerald as being the “gem of good luck” and the “gem that improves one’s well-being”. These “Mogul Emeralds”, as they are known today, can be found in modern museums and collections.

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Panna Stone is also known by name of emerald. It is found in different shades of green colour. This stone is mainly found in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Pakistan etc
Panna Stone is mainly worn by political leaders, writers, musicians, financiers, judge, commission agents, travel agents, architects, etc. In short, it favours the wearer and his profession if he belongs to such field where no capital is required to start it but at that place needs mental power and intelligence etc. According to astrology, if Panna Stone is worn along with pearl, it can unlimited benefit to wearer. It is common belief that by such wearing lord laxmi becomes happy over wearer and blesses so well. It is also famous for saving the person from snake bites.

.The sum of alphabetical order of letters in PANNA is 46:

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Panna is an expensive gemstone to the same extent as the diamonds are if it is pure one, so it must be purchased with extra care.

The sum of alphabetical order of letters in PANNA is 46 and this makes PANNA arithmetic buddies with words like Amicable, Adept, Best, Fast, Magical, Frail


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Mythology of Stones


The myths, legends, beliefs, superstitions, traditions and symbolism associated with ruby and sapphire have been numerous.

Legend has it that the first person to wear Sapphire was Prometheus, the rival of Zeus, who took the gemstone from Cacaus, where he also stole fire from heaven for man.

Known as the "Gem of Heaven", the ancient Persians believed Sapphires were a chip from the pedestal that supported the earth, and that its reflections gave the sky its colors.

Tradition holds that Moses was given the Ten Commandments on tablets of sapphire, making it the most sacred gemstone. Because blue sapphires represent divine favor, they were the gemstone of choice for kings and high priests. The British Crown Jewels are full of large blue sapphires, the symbol of pure and wise rulers.

Blue Sapphires

The guardians of innocence, Sapphires symbolize truth, sincerity and faithfulness, and are thought to bring peace, joy and wisdom to their owners. In ancient times it was believed that when the wearer of a Sapphire faced challenging obstacles, the gem's power enabled them to find the correct solution.

In India it was believed that a Sapphire immersed in water formed an elixir that could cure the bite of scorpions and snakes. Alternatively, if it were worn as a talisman pendant, it would protect the wearer against evil spirits.

The following legend is Burmese in origin and highlights Sapphires‘ connection with faithfulness: “Eons ago Tsun-Kyan-Kse, a golden haired goddess with Sapphire blue eyes, presided lovingly over the temple of Lao-Tsun. Everyday, the temple‘s chief monk Mun-Ha, meditated before the golden goddess accompanied by his devoted companion, a green-eyed cat named Sinh. One day the temple was besieged by a group of terrible outlaws. When they threw Mun-Ha to the floor, Sinh leapt fiercely at the bandits, jumping up on his master‘s chest to protect him. The wrong doers fled screaming in fear, never to return and in gratitude for his courage, the golden goddess awarded Sinh with her Sapphire blue eyes. To this day, Sinh‘s ancestors guard over the temple.” The temple still stands and is populated by Siamese cat‘s with striking blue eyes (typically this breed has green eyes).

For hundreds of years Blue Sapphires were the popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Burma Ruby has been the world's most valued gemstone for thousands of years. It was said to be the most precious of the twelve stones God created when he created all things and this "Lord of Gems" was placed on Aaron's neck by God's command. 

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Nizam of Hyderabad, is Fifth on Forbes ‘All Time Wealthiest’ list of 2008 with Net Worth: 210.8 Billion USD. Bill Gates is twentieth, Net Worth: 101.0 Billion 
USD. This is a list of historical figures who lived during the Industrial age,Information Age, Middle Ages, Ancient world and is solely based on net worth accumulated by inheritance or personal earnings. 
Last Nizam of Princely State of Hyderabad and Berar, Fath Jang Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII, was The Richest Man in the 1940s, having a fortune estimated at $2 billion. He ruled Hyderabad between 1911 and 1948 until it was made part of India as a result of Operation Polo launched by the Indian Government.

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This rare pair of slippers, once worn by the Indian prince Nizam Sikandar Jah of Hyderabad in the 18th century, is encrusted with rubies and diamonds. In January 2006, the jeweled slippers were stolen from the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada yet were quickly recovered thanks to an anonymous tipster. Experts examined the shoes and believe no damage had been done  “though there is evidence the shoes have been worn”.

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Emerald Part2-Fantastic Designs

Omi Gem's Tsavorite ring#Cartier

A bright electric teal green emerald-cut tourmaline is beautifully presented in platinum over gold, and almost half a carat of old-cut diamonds, in this stunning, colorful and far-from-ordinary cocktail ring of early twentieth-century vintage. A lovely scrolled gallery and hand engraving on the sides of the shoulders add the finishing touches. The ring measures 3/4 inch long by about 5/8 inch wide.

A bright electric teal green emerald-cut tourmaline is beautifully presented in platinum over gold, and almost half a carat of old-cut diamonds, in this stunning, colorful and far-from-ordinary cocktail ring of early twentieth-century vintage. A lovely scrolled gallery and hand engraving on the sides of the shoulders add the finishing touches

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Burmese Ruby


Most of the tiaras owned by Queen Elizabeth were inherited,The tiara has  a special history. Today’s tiara is a unique look.
The queen commissioned this tiara from Garrard in 1973 using gems she already had on hand: 96 rubies which were a wedding present on (the occasion of her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947) from the people of Burma and diamonds taken from the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar(probably the richest man of the world in 1940s) another wedding present given in 1948.
The significance of 96 rubies is that 96 is the number of diseases that the Burmese traditionally people believe can afflict the human body, so these rubies are meant to protect against illness and disease.There is also matching necklace from the Nizam ,which is still in use.


Weight =131g or 7.20 rati

Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color, being the most famed and fabled red gemstone. Beside for its bright color, it is a most desirable gem due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than Diamond. In essence, Ruby is a red Sapphire, since Ruby and Sapphire are identical in all properties except for color. However, because of the special allure and historical significance, Ruby has always been classified as an individual gemstone, and is never identified as a form of Sapphire (though some purplish-red colors may straddle the line of being classified as either Ruby or Sapphire).

Its use leads to generate the mental and spiritual powers and special divine thoughts rise in mind. Manik or ruby balances Surya (Sun). Surya represents the king of the solar system in Jyotish. It also represents Authority, Power, Self, Father, Body and Health. Depending on the placement of Surya in your birth chart, the wearing of a ruby may be very auspicious in strengthening the positive influences of Surya. Surya, the sun acts like the Thalamus in the Human Physiology

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Emerald (Panna)

Weight =125g or 6.87 rati

Green emerald (panna)- this planet is significator of intellect, speech, memory, short travels, wisdom, intuitive power. 
It shows one’s mentality, analytical power and generous nature. It makes one scholar, searcher of mysticism of learning.
A person whose mercury is beneficicial for him can be a good politician and intellectual.
But a person whose mercury is malefic will be liar, gambler, boastful, conceited, talkative, cheat, unprincipled and inconsistent.
Person with weak and malefic mercury will face health diseases like stammering, imperfection of speech or tongue, defects in memory or intelligence.
If afflicted by enemy planets then one can face disputes, litigations, loss through theft, hasty decisions, loss due to fraud, cheating and forgery.
At times when Saturn is also negative then one can face depressions, delays, disharmony and disputes. Also there could be break in education and poor memory.
Now all these problems could be reduced by wearing emerald stone.

Emerald stone benefits

Wearing of emerald in combination of other stones ensures success in competitive exams, trade and business. Also it helps in promotion and prosperity as it enhances intellect, memory, analytical  and intellect power. It helps those children who are having problems in their brain, memory and speech. It helps to control and cure stammering, fear, amnesia, epilepsy, fickle mindedness, ulcer, diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis, asthma, heart problems, insomnia etc.
Again emerald in combination of other gems helps to cure breast cancer, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, breathing troubles, nerve diseases, gallstones, insanity, insomnia, eye trouble, pthysis pleurisy, hypertension, meningitis, brain tumor, paralysis and pancreatic trouble.

Professions which are benefited by wearing emerald stone

People who are writers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, administrators of factories, founders of schools and colleges, public speakers, judges, mayors, ministers, government officers, architects, computer councilors, auditors, in shipping jobs, bank administration. In business, people who are in commission business, medicines, publishers, organizers and textile can take benefit from emerald stone. This stone will help those people who are in travel agency and commission business that require no capital. Doctors who are in fields of brain, eyes, ears and are associated with treatment of children can take benefit from it. Again it is good for people associated with ct scan, MRI and skin. People who are in research field, in IT sector, nuclear field, astronomy can take benefit from this emerald stone. So these are some of the fields in which people can prosper by wearing this gem stone.

Or can be used as a jewellery in gold,silver or platinum.

Pendant Sets which can be made from this-

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